Monday, March 22, 2010

Little bit-a-this....little bit-a-that

I know, I know....when it comes to blogging, EPIC FAIL! I'll try to give you an update over the past few weeks.

Last week was St. Patty's Day and what's a St. Patty's Day without green beer! I made it myself. All I could find was gel food coloring and if you look closely, you'll see dark clumps in the bottom of the cup what wouldn't quite dissolve. Oh well, at least I had green beer!

Here are some pics that I took a couple of weeks ago at my brother's house. The sky looked so cool and it gave everything a pink glow so I had to pull out my ole' trusty camera.

This past weekend, we had our Challenge Course facilitator training on the low course. I have to say that I was impressed with the facilitators and I'm going to have some good folks working for me this year! If you're wondering what in the world is a Challenge Course, click here. Who says I can't use this blog for marketing? :) Anyway, here are a couple of pics from this past weekend. The high course training is this weekend so hopefully I'll have a couple more pics to post next week.

Two things I wanted to talk about when I started this blog was A) craft projects and B) reality shows, hence "The Crafty Bachelorette". I mentioned a while ago that I was working on some crafts. I finished them over the weekend but I'm giving them to someone as a gift so I can't post them on here until they're outta my hands. Hopefully you understand :)

As for reality shows, I had TONS to talk about while the The Bachelor saga was going on but to be honest, there was soooo much to say that the thoughts of blogging about it made me mentally and physically drained. So I just talked about it to anyone that would listen. If you seriously believe that everything you saw on The Bachelor was 100% true (or even 50% true) then HA! Joke's on you! If you really wanna know what truly happened, check out Reality Steve's blog.

NEXT! American Idol: Overall, I'm not REAL impressed with this season. I have a couple that I like but I don't have that feeling when I anxiously sit on the couch before their performance with my fingers crossed hoping they do well. I just don't feel it. I'm hoping that it's still a bit early and I will get that feeling in the next couple of weeks. More on Idol later.
I just watched the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars. I have to say that I have never been more excited (and nervous) to watch a season of DWTS. Fifteen minutes before the show started, I was thinking about the cast and felt so nervous for them, thinking about what was going through their head 15 minutes before going live! Is that weird? Here's my brief review of tonight's performances:

Aiden Turner (soap star): Most people don't know him but I was hoping he did well because he was on "All My Children", the soap I've watched since I was in elementary school. So he wasn't the greatest but did they really have to give him the same score as the 80 year old? Come on, he was better than that!
Buzz Aldrin (the 80 year old, walked on the moon): Poor thing, he's 80! Nuff said.
Ochocinco (NFL player): Sorry, I'm not much of a Bengals fan and he seemed a bit cocky to me. As for his dancing, I think he has potential.
Erin Andrews (ESPN newscaster/victim of Peeping Tom): Long legs + pointed toes = nice lines.
Evan Lysacek (Olympic figure skating gold medalist): Looked great from the ankles up. He can't seem to move across the floor very well without blades under his feet.
Jake Pavelka (The CHEEZY Bachelor): Oh geez! If I never see his face ever again, it will be too soon! I am so sick of seeing him and seeing Vienna in the audience looking all giddy makes me wanna pull my hot glue gun out of my craft box and hot glue my eyes shut. Thinking of him dancing takes me back to seeing him dancing in the street with Gia (Mia, as Kristen calls a.w.k.w.a.r.d. I was so embarrassed that I had to cover my eyes. Poor Jake. If he gets any more nervous/embarrassed, that vein is going to pop out of his forehead. Did they reeeeeally have to have him dance to "Kiss From a Rose?" I guess they couldn't figure out how to work the Waltz into "On the Wings of Love!" Since Jake has been on TV, ABC has kicked up the cheese factor 145643215 notches.
Kate Gosselin (Do I really need to tell you who she is?): I really feel for her. She has no experience with acting, performing, nada. The only experience she has on TV is folding laundry, loading her pack in and out of that mini-bus and yelling at Jon. I really hope she gets better and loosens up a tad. Len could've been a little easier on her if you ask me.
Nicole Scherzinger (Lead singer of Pussycat Dolls): Clearly the best dancer and she better be....she dances as a PCD! I don't know if it's fair that she's even on the show but I guess they needed to find someone hot to dance with Derek since I can't think of one partner he had that wasn't very attractive.
Niecy Nash ("Actress" on Reno 911): She's a lot of fun! I liked her performance and I think her "jiggle" is gonna last at least to the mid-point of the competition.
Pamela Anderson (Baywatch actress/infamous for her video with Tommy Lee): She looked like she just wrapped up a wild romp in the sack! I'm curious what she's gonna be like when they throw a ballroom gown on her, with her hair in an up-do and she's gotta bring out her "classy" side....wonder if she has one?
Shannen Doherty (actress on 90120): Boy, has she aged! Honestly, didn't really care about her or her performance. However, I would have loved to see her break out in hives. They must have given her an antihistamine shot beforehand.
Whew! There ya have it DWTS wrap-up. I think I just did enough blogging to last me through April. Just kidding....I wouldn't dare leave my avid readers hanging like that :)
The Office Quote of the Day
At Dunder Mifflin, there is a very strict "no lunch with the boss" policy, and I don't know who instituted it. I think it started right after my predecessor stepped down. But at the Michael Scott Paper Company, I really enjoyed having lunch with Pam and Ryan every day. So rules be damned, I wanna have lunch with these people.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Homemade Fortune Cookies??.....Who knew!!

After dinner last night, my roommate said she was going to make us a dessert that really wasn't THAT BAD in fat and calories but she wouldn't tell me what it was. I couldn't resist it any longer and I had to run in the kitchen and see what she was cookin' up. To be honest, I had no clue what it was. There was something in the oven that looked like blobs of batter so of course when I spotted a bowl of batter, I HAD to stick my finger in it. I told her that it didn't taste like dessert because I tasted flour. At that point, she said, "Um...rewind that!" Apparently, pretty much all desserts have flour....who knew! Have I mentioned that I don't know my way around a kitchen? So I still had no idea what she was fixing until she brought me THESE!!!

They even included a fortune! She knows how much I've been stressing about not finding a house. Love.Her.

On a side note, I think they were the best fortune cookies I've ever had. For 1) they didn't break my jaw when I bit into it and 2) the flavor was much better. Cross your fingers that my fortune comes true!
The Office Quote of the Day:
"Ronni was 'blah'! Things were at an all-time sad here, but then I got an e-mail from Ryan that he was coming back to town and I called the temp agency and I told them, I will pay you any amount, just give me Ryan Howard. Give him to me. I want him. I need him."
~ Michael