Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tippy Tuesday

If you saw my Facebook status on Saturday then you probably know that Tippy got pooped on by a bird...and I stuck my finger in it because I thought a wet petal got stuck to her head.  The funniest part was her walking around and not having a clue that she had bird poop on her head. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tippy Tuesday

So I dropped Tippy off this afternoon at her Uncle Casey's and Aunt Ashlee's house.  Not long after, I get the following phone call from Ashlee....

Ashlee: Question....how long ago did you drop off Tippy?
Me: About an hour ago.  Why?  What's wrong?
Ashlee:  Well I came home and Tippy was in the driveway.

Apparently she squeezed through a tiny hole under the fence and went on a little adventure.  When she found her, she had mud on her and was super thirsty by the time she got inside.  So in the bathtub, she went!

This was her second bath in 5 days so I'm guessing she was NOT happy!