Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper Kutz: October 2011

I'm back to show you a couple of more cards that I made in my Paper Kutz class.  If you missed my last post showing all of the cards I've made up to this point, click here.  As I mentioned before, my class meets once a month so I'll be posting a Paper Kutz update every month.  If you noticed that I didn't post anything last month, well...that's because someone got a coupon in the mail and felt compelled to go to the mall and use it. 

So here's the first card we did. 

This is what we started out with
And we turned it into this!  Spooky, huh?
And the inside
The other one we did wasn't exactly a card but it was just as fun!  We had our choice to make either place cards in pine cones or napkin rings.  Since I'm not planning on having a dinner party anytime soon, I thought I would go with the napkin rings.  This was so stinkin' easy, it was ridiculous.

The front

And the back
All I did was take 2 colors of paper (these were already cut into smaller pieces), cut a scalloped edge around them, placed one on top of the other and stamped the one on the top.  Then I took a hole punch and punched a hole on each side and tied some yarn around the back.  Easy peasy!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Tippy has not one, but TWO pics for you this week......

Happy Howl-o-ween!!!!

*Evil laugh*

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Flashback to 2010:  Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I would dust off Tippy's Howl-o-ween picture from last year.  As you can see, she made a GREAT bat.  Bat ears....check!  Bat teeth....check!  My little cousins don't call her vampire dog for nothin'!  

I'm taking Tippy today for this year's Howl-o-ween photo shoot.  She's beginning to be a pro at this (if she could ever take a pic without her tail tucked between her legs).  You'll have to wait until next week to see what she's going to be for Howl-o-ween this year but I promise that she looks miserable cute in her costume. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm getting back in the game!.....maybe.

Well it's about time I did something crafty up in herrr!  A couple of weeks ago, I took one of our very own classes, Festive Fall Wreath.  That's the cool part of my job.  I get to meet with some with super talented and crafty people and coordinate Arts & Crafts classes for the community.  Being able to take these classes myself is just an added bonus!  Sorry I didn't take pics of the play by play, but basically I started out inserting a few focal point flowers and then filled in the rest with smaller flowers and other fillers.  I'm actually not 100% happy with it.  I wish I would've only added flowers on the bottom half so that part of the grapevine wreath would be visible.  Oh well, shoulda, coulda, woulda.  I guess I could always take some of it off.....maybe next year. 

But that's not all folks!   My friends, Stephen and Shawn, are in a band called The Mountain Ears.  They just recently began playing in small cafes and I've pretty much named myself their #1 fan.  After their first gig, we all hung out and they gave us a little after-show concert.  The next day, I found the piece of paper where Stephen wrote down their set list for their gig that night.  I was about to give it back to him but then thought, "Nah, I might need to hold onto this."  Stephen's 30th birthday was a few weeks away and I thought I could do something kinda cool with it.  Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I got to working on my little project.  I found this really cool frame where the glass was flush with the frame.  Then I took some scrapbook paper that looked like it had words scribbled on it even though you couldn't read what it actually said.  Luckily, I found a really good picture on Shawn's Facebook of the two of them from their first gig and I secretly sent Shawn a message asking him to email that picture to me but to keep in on the hush-hush or he would die.  Not really, but this story needs some drama.  Anywho,  I didn't even tell Shawn what I was doing but told him it was for Stephen's birthday present which is why he had to keep his mouth shut or I would staple his singing lips shut with my crafty staple gun.  Yeah, not really....but just go with it.  You can't really read it but I printed off a description that said:

The Mountain Ears
Kentucky Fudge Company
August 27, 2011

If you couldn't figure it out, the Kentucky Fudge Company was the location of their first gig.  And let me tell ya, they have some of the best peanut butter pie!  As my Granny would say, "It's the best that ever was!"  Actually, ev-er-y-thing there is yummy in my tummy.....or your tummy.....or anybody's tummy.   

Enough about pie, let's get back to the show.  So then I added a border around it, cut down the picture and set list so that it would fit in the frame and there ya go! 

I love how the set list got all wrinkly and worn out looking.  I guess that's what happens when I hold onto something for 3 weeks :)  Do you wanna know what he thought about it?  Well, let's just say that I thought it would be cool hanging upstairs in his music room but instead, he has it displayed out in the open in his living room on top of the piano.  Sooooo....I think he liked it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Last week, I took a short trip to Chicago and Tippy didn't understand why I was up at 5am getting ready when we were supposed to be on vacation. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

 Tippy's Mimi brought her a Halloween costume.....

Doesn't she look excited??