Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

........on Wednesday again. 

It seems as though I scared everyone last week on Tippy Tuesday.  So I'm trying to redeem her cuteness with this one....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but I was super busy yesterday and today I've been celebrating National Margarita Day!  So with that said......

Can you believe that some people think my dog is ugly???

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paper Kutz: February 2012

Well, looky there.....I'm actually posting the February edition of Paper Kutz IN February!  As I mentioned last time, I was one of the demonstrators this month.  This was a verrrrrry easy Get Well card made from band-aids and eye balls.  Like I said, easy-peasy! 

Since I've been a member of the club (over a year), we have never done a Get Well card and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Our president's son is currently in the hospital with pneumonia and a collapsed lung and our secretary didn't make it because she's sick.  So we made a card for each of them and sent it around for everyone to sign.  

Our next little project wasn't a card but still cute.  It's a little package that you can put candy or whatever in. Here's the's made from a toilet paper roll.  One of my favorite older ladies said "you could put fudge in it"....HA!!  It looks like I purposely put a faded white strip on the top and bottom but it's actually leftover TP that I couldn't scrape off.  I think it adds character and is a constant reminder of its original use. :)

Lastly, here's a pic of everyone hard at work on their TP project.  Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

This post is all about Tippy and her Valentine, Alex.  She went almost 2 weeks without seeing him and she missed him quite a bit. 

As we were trying to pick out paint samples, Tippy and Alex made it almost impossible to do so because they were just so excited to see each other and were running laps on the samples and sliding them across the room.  Of course once we get the camera out, they calmed down a tad.

And here's another one because....well, they're just so darn cute together.

. .

Taking a little break from playing.

Tippy admiring Alex's handsomeness from afar.

We took a break from painting to check on the dogs.  Did we almost catch them in a compromising position?

Poor Alex.  I think Tippy wore him out.

Such a sweet boy.
Happy Valentine's Day from the best-looking chihuahua couple ever!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paper Kutz: January 2012

I'm 2 or 3 weeks late posting this....but what's new?

I'm back with some more cards from my Paper Kutz class.  I was a bit of a slacker (imagine that) and didn't go in November or December so that's why my cards haven't made an appearance in the last couple of months. 

The first card we made had us forgetting that it was January and made us think about laying out on the beach, preferably with a drink in hand. 

Then we made a super cute envelope to go with it. 

Next we made a Valentine's Day card.

I didn't just make a couple of cards, oh no, no, no.  I was the freakin' hostess!!  Do you understand what that means?  I had to bring the food for a room full of homemakers.  In case you aren't aware.....Shari + cooking = no bueno.  Every month we have 2 demonstrators, 1 person that brings the food and 1 person that brings the drinks.  Most people would get nervous about being the demonstrator.  That doesn't bother's making food for all of these women that made me nervous.  So what did I make?  Well, I found a Weight Watchers recipe for a low fat Buffalo Chicken Dip (thanks again, Pinterest!)  I had never made this before so I was afraid of how it would turn out.  I threw all of the ingredients in my trusty crock pot and when I got home from work, it was the moment of truth.  I was on the phone with my mom when I tried it and it was a bit on the HOT side! I mean, when I lifted the lid, my nose hairs started to singe.  She asked me if I also planned on bringing a pack of Rolaids for everyone.  Har. Har.  It was good but it was pretty hot and I wasn't sure how some of these older women would react to it.  There was one that I was particularly worried about.  So when everyone started filling their plates, I told them that it was the first time I had ever made it and it was a little on the hot know, so I would have some excuse if people didn't like it.  When I told that to the older woman I was worried about, she said, "Oh, I like hot!"  Whew....I was starting to feel better.  

So here's the dip after people dug into it.

And I also brought a traditional veggie tray with beef sticks and cheese.  Something I couldn't go wrong with.

And then my personal favorite....Smore treats.  Found here from Pinterest. I melted my chocolate more than the recipe did and I think it turned out better.

Soooo......what did everybody think of my food??  THEY LOVED IT!!!!  I had so many people come up to me and tell me how good everything was.  They loved the dip even more when I told them it was a Weight Watchers recipe.  Some asked for the recipes and one lady was even caught smuggling a couple of the smores in a napkin before she left!  I left there with my head held high and the feeling that I can actually hang with the homemakers when it comes to food.  Next time, I'm the demonstrator and I'm looking forward to it.  I've known for months what I'm making.  So stay tuned. 

Tippy Tuesday

This is what happens when you leave your dog with someone who's planning a wedding.  I got a text with this picture that said, "Here comes the bride."

Tippy will make a beautiful(?) bride someday :)