Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Well look who decided to make an appearance Saturday morning.....

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have to start by saying that THIS IS MY 100th POST! Whooda thunk it? Now that that's outta the way, I am happy to say that I have found my inspiration for my living room. I realize that I haven't taken any pics of my living room for ya'll yet, but when I have something worth showing, you'll see it. It just might be sooner than later because this is on it's way!

How awesome are these colors?!?! I ordered it here off of etsy but I bought the last one so sorry bout cha! Let me give you a visual at just how boring my living room looks right now. I have a brown sofa and loveseat and a dark wood coffee table and end table. Yes, it's a big blob of brown except for my lime green shimmery damask window panels (which I love) that I snatched up at Bed Bath and Beyond for my birthday last year. I couldn't figure out which direction I wanted to go in with my living room until I saw another picture of a peacock feather on (my favorite blog) Young House Love. I've always been drawn to peacock feathers but never worked them into my decor until now! So I went onto Etsy and checked out all their peacock pics and fell in love with that one. I originally wanted a 16x20 but the seller contacted me and said that once he scaled it to that size, the proportions weren't right even though he advertised that he could do a 16x20.....I guess someone will be getting "neutral" and not "positive" feedback from the Crafty Bachelorette! He said 16x16 and 20x30 looks best in those proportions. I thought the 16x16 would be too small and I really didn't want to go as big as 20x30 but I figured that I could make it work since I have 9 foot ceilings and a large empty space above the sofa that has been driving me cray-cray (in the words of Kim Kardashian) for the last 11 months. Holy moly! I've lived here for 11 months??? I have an idea with some other artwork to cluster with it so I can't wait to show you when I have it all hung.

I cannot end this post without saying WE'RE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!! How bout dem CATS!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

My brother has been holding out on me. He's had these pics of Tippy as a baby on his camera for almost 2 1/2 years and he's JUST NOW sending them to me!

Doesn't she look like a little stuffed teddy bear?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Tippy says: Drink lots o' green beer this St. Patty's Day, Amigos!!
(It's pretty funny to hear her say Spanish words in her best Irish accent.....lol.)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Vanna White!! No, not the letter turner on Wheel of Fortune. Vanity + white paint = Vanna White! Don't you just love how she POPS against my turquoise wall? My dad spent about 40 hours on her and I gotta say, he did an awesome job! He even had new mirrors cut for it.

In case you forgot what she looked like before.....

I'm on the hunt for a new stool because the one I have just doesn't work. It needs to be small and I'm not opposed to finding one needs to be repainted and recovered.

Thanks to the Hob Lob (aka Hobby Lobby) and their 50% off sale on all knobs, I was able to snatch up all 4 of these glass knobs for just $12. Love.

So there you have it! Not too shabby for a piece of furniture that's almost a century old. I'm thinking about making a runner to lay on top because I'm so afraid of chipping the top. I know I'm posting this a week late but the knobs weren't on sale last week so I just bought them today when they went back on sale. But wasn't it worth the wait? :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Since I was out of town last week for work, I had to leave Tippy with her Meme and Paps. Let me tell ya....she has is MADE when she's with them. She runs the house and gets anything she wants. When I got Tippy back, my mom hands me a list of "Tippy's Likes."
  • cottage cheese
  • yogurt - Greek plain with strawberry jelly
  • Choc. chip cookie minus the choc. chip
  • sausage/egg
  • egg/ground turkey
  • chewing gum (I think mom learned to not leave a pack of gum on the end table unattended)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

After a long week, Tippy and I took a nap Friday after work. Anytime I wake up in the morning or from a nap, Tippy always ends up here....