Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

I wanted to show you all my new West Elm pillows that I got on clearance for $9.99 so I told Tippy to pretend like she was Vanna White to help me show them off......

and this is what I got.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

We went to my sister's house over the weekend and the first thing that Tippy does when she gets there is dart out the doggy door into the back yard and barks uncontrollably at the neighbor's fence in hopes of getting their pitbull-ish dog to run up and down the fence with her.  It's amazing how vicious Tippy acts when there's a fence between her and a much bigger dog.  Now, if I were to toss Tippy over that fence, she'd be barking high-pitch-squeeling a different story!

And she does this all weekend long.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

The reason I chose the vet I did when I got Tippy was because they're open 24 hours for emergencies.  The bad thing about that is when you have a scheduled appointment, you can very easily get booted if an emergency comes in.  Which is what happened when Tippy had her annual appointment last week.  Her appointment was scheduled at 6pm so I decided to get there at 5:45 in hopes of getting out early so I could get home and cut the grass.  However, when I got there, they told me that a couple of emergencies just came in and with only one doctor working, I would need to wait until she could get them stable.  I did not mind waiting at all because I was thankful that Tippy was only there to get her shots and not because of something worse and also, if that were Tippy in need of emergency medical attention, I would hope that the people in the waiting room would be patient so that my Tippy could get the help she needed.  So since we waited for almost 2 hours, we decided to make the most of our time and have a little photo session.  Be prepared, you're about to embark on 37 photos of Tippy at the vet.  AKA, the most pics I've ever posted in a one blog. 

Uh oh, she knows she's been here before, hence the tail tucked between the legs.

Don't do it, Tippy!  Don't jump!  It's not worth it!

She's gonna have some shots....and we're not talking tequila shots.

Aaaaaand get her anal glands squeezed. :(

Oops, I didn't mean for Tippy to hear that part.  I hadn't broken the news to her just yet.

Ruh-Roh, Raggy

What do you do when you're bored in the exam room?  You read the signs posted on the wall.

If I had a pen on me, I soooo would've written Tippy 's name on this one.

By this point, Tippy didn't think it was gonna happen so she made herself comfortable and laid down.  The shaking even stopped at this point.

Then we both made ourselves comfy.

Tryin to wake us up!

People tell me she has my nose.

Tippy was not in a mood for kisses.

Or smiling for the camera.

THERE'S that smile! :)

Yep, you're gonna need a teeth cleanin' sometime this year. 

I just can't get enough of this shot.

Umm....Tippy, can you? Your butt.  Just.  Turn around.

Much better.

Is that the doctor coming?????

SYKE!  Even Tippy looks disappointed.

Give mama kisses?

No, mama, but I'm gonna put my cheek in front of your face so you'll give ME kisses!

Just when I thought she was camera shy.....



And more kisses.

Ok. She's done.

But I'm not!

After the make-out session, we watched for shadows of foot steps under the door.

And tried to entertain ourselves a little longer.

Tippy's itty bitty head would make a good eye patch.


Wrong again. 

Our noses aren't the only thing we have in common.


An hour and 45 minutes later, she had 2 shots, heart worm test, nails clipped and anal glands squeezed.  I gave her a thumbs up but Tippy gave a "That B&#*@ ain't comin' back, is she?" 

So that was our trip to the vet.  And you're welcome.  I may have to post these on facebook since I have more than enough to call it an album.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Call me Miss Yellow Thumb

Yes, Miss Yellow Thumb because I haven't quite ripened enough to be called Miss Green Thumb.  It was time that I finally added some flowers to the pots by my front door and garage.  These sad pots were desperate for some color.  And no, that is not some exotic plant trying to grow on the left.  That's just weeds.

This season, the pink and orange combo is very trendy in fashion and home decor and it was just the burst of color these pots needed!  Now I wanna make a wreath out of these colors to go along with it.

The orange flowers in the middle are marigolds.  I can't remember the name of the pink flowers but I put them all around the marigolds.  The best part about it is these were $1.98 for a six-pack!  I bought a total of 8 six-packs so I ended up spending less than $16 for both pots.  I think one year I spent $18 for ONE pot so I patted myself on the back for coming in way under my monthly landscaping budget!

But I didn't stop there!  Oh no siree (not to be confused with Siri.)  I mentioned in my birthday post that my co-workers got me a hanging impatiens basket with a bracket to hang it on.  Well because of my indecisiveness on where to hang it and the fact that I couldn't find the power cord to my power screwdriver to mount it on my fence, I decided to toss is in a pot.  I like this cluster of 3 pots anyway.  What's in those other two pots?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  For two years now, I've been saying that I want to grow/plant something that I can eat.  (Insert fat joke.)  The plant on the right in the back is zucchini and yes, I now realize that I may have planted it in a pot that's a tad on the small side.  The other is mint which I am super excited about.  That's one less ingredient I have to buy when I make my famous cucumber mint mojitos, the best summer drink ever! And yes, I've already made a batch.  :)

The pots I used were pots that I already had.  My intentions were to spray paint them in vibrant colors so that they wouldn't look so mis-matched but I was too excited to plant them I just said "maybe next year." 

Moving on....I'll go on and dive into other weekend happenings.  On Saturday morning, I decided to go for a run in my neighborhood where I saw at least 4 yard sales on one street.  I planned my route so that I would go by the yard sales during my cool down and see if anything caught my attention.  Well it did.  These babies.

These two lanterns stand about 18 inches high and they were priced at $10 each.  I obviously didn't have any cash on me while I was running so I went home and thought about it.  I see these lanterns all the time on my favorite blogs and I turned to Pinterest and looked at all the cool things people were doing with lanterns.  SOLD!  I grabbed 20 bucks and went back with my fingers crossed that someone didn't snatch them up.  I was hoping that I could get the price down just a little.  When I asked if she would go down any lower, she said she would take $18 for both of them.  She didn't want to go any lower because she paid 50 bucks for each one!  Daaaaang.  $18 for $100 lanterns wasn't too bad of a deal!  It made me feel even better about my purchase.  I have no idea where they're going to live just yet.  Maybe on the patio, maybe above my kitchen cabinets or maybe on my console table/bar that I don't have yet.  They might just get a couple coats of spray paint, who knows!?  (Yes Stephen, you're right....Jesus knows.)

One other quick little update I made was my seasonal art that I mentioned here when I showed you my gallery wall.  Well, it's a new month which means new art!  Since this is the month of Father's Day and my dad is a fishing extroidenairre, I changed the art to fishing lure scrapbook paper.  You like?

In case you forgot what the whole wall looked like, here she is.

Well that was my weekend.  I made it sound like I was productive but the bulk of my weekend was spent either tanning on my patio, reading, or napping.  This post actually made me feel a little more productive than I really was.  Fake it til you make it baby!