Monday, February 28, 2011

I have a problem...

I feel the need to apologize to my readers. Other than my weekly Tippy Tuesday's, I have been slacking on the crafty blog posts. Well, you can blame DVR for that! I watch so many shows on DVR and when I can't sit down and watch my shows regularly, I truly stress out! Last week I had to judge the cheerleaders in the district tournament 3 nights last week and I still haven't caught up on my episodes of The Nate Berkus Show.

I can't believe I'm going to tell you this but (just for the fun of it), I decided to look up how many shows I actually record. Are you ready for this??? Drum roll please!........46!!! Now, most of these shows are on at different times of the year (Thank God!) and I think some of the reality shows have been cancelled....which makes my life easier. So here is the complete list that I copied from my DVR. *Head hanging down in shame*

1. Biggest Loser
2. All My Children
3. One Life to Life
4. Regis and Kelly
5. Make Me a Supermodel
6. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
7. America's Best Dance Crew
8. Dancing with the Stars
9. American Idol
10. The Hills
11. The Office
12. Grey's Anatomy
13. The Bachelorette
14. So You Think You Can Dance
15. Design Star
16. Project Runway
17. Shear Genius
18. Southland Hour
19. Top Design
20. Ellen DeGeneres Show
21. The Bachelor
22. The City
23. Jon & Kate Plus 8
24. Kendra
25. Denise Richards: It's Complicated (PS How sane does SHE look right now compared to Charlie?)
26. Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami
27. Entertainment Tonight
28. Giuliana & Bill
29. Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp
30. Kell on Earth
31. Antonio Treatment
32. Kate Plus 8
33. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
34. Rachel Zoe Project (So excited she's about to pop out a baby!)
35. Bachelor Pad
36. Kourtney and Kim Take New York
37. Nate Berkus Show
38. Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It
39. Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby
40. The Sing-Off
41. Skating with the Stars (I only watched this because my fave soap star was on it...and won!)
42. Sarah Palin's Alaska (I thought this would be more about their home life, not Alaska.)
43. Desperate Housewives
44. Saturday Night Live
45. Glee (I can't believe I got hooked on this one)
46. Oprah (I don't care for her but it's her last season and she's had some damn good interviews!)

Yes, most of these are reality shows and I think it's important to note that 6 of these shows record everyday just while I'm at work! That's not including the primetime shows. If I counted correctly, only 4 out of the 46 are scripted shows. Yep, I watch some good, quality shows people! Seeing this list has kinda made me re-evaluate my life. I think I'm going to delete (dare I say it?) Grey's Anatomy. I really haven't been into it that much so this would be a good time to delete! Oh geez, I can't believe I just said I really going to delete something??? That makes me nervous. Maybe instead of deleting shows, I should start searching for help.....DVR Anonymous?

Just so you know, my dad has finished my vanity and it looks GREAT! He's going to deliver it this weekend and I can't wait to show you. I'll try to post that on Sunday or Monday. I have a few days off next week for spring break so hopefully I can tackle a couple more projects around the house. You better believe, you'll be the first to see it! Until next time.....

OH! One more thing.....they will be announcing the new cast of Dancing with the Stars tonight during the Bachelor! Aren't you sooooo excited?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

Tippy and I had a visitor over the weekend....her Daddy Rocky!

I've mentioned before how much she loves her daddy :)

Seriously, have you ever seen anything any sweeter?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

In the words of Carrie Underwood, "Jesus (PLEASE) take the wheel!"

Monday, February 14, 2011

And the Grammy goes to....

It was a big night last was the Grammy Awards!!! Do you remember how productive I was during the Golden Globes? Well...unfortunately I can't say the same about last night.

For the last couple of years, my sister's friend Lyna has come to her house and they have a pajama Grammy party. Then they call and text me during the show after a couple of drinks, which is almost as entertaining as the actual Grammy's. I'm always jealous and wish I were there with them but they're an hour and a half away and it's on a Sunday (work night). This year, I decided to take the morning off of work and partake in the festivities :)

We started off with this really cool Riesling. We drank it in honor of my cousin Heath and his 2 little boys Mason and Miles. This was Heath's facebook status Saturday morning: Funniest thing ever. My boys were asleep in the car, went to the auto car wash and when the brushes were smacking the car, I started yelling we are being attacked by monsters! So funny I think I might have peed a little and Miles may have sharted.

Wine by some young punks

Chocolate covered cookie dough :)

Tippy kept asking when Snoop Dogg was going to perform.

Abby has 2 beds and lays like this....

A few thoughts/observations from the show:

* 2 weekends in a row Christina Aguilera has made an @$$ of herself. Did anyone else see her fall after they finished singing? She was NOT happy!

* Jennifer Hudson is officially skinnier than Christina.

* Speaking of falls, one of Justin Bieber's dancers flipped off the platform and hit the floor.....HARD! Then he grabbed his back. Couldn't tell if he finished the performance or not.

* I hope Lady Antebellum made room on their mantle for those awards!

* Usher needs to practice singing while dancing.

* Bruno Mars....really cool performance.

* Pretty funny how Kate Hudson's baby daddy mentioned her in his acceptance speech.

* How much weight has Miley gained? I thought drugs made you LOSE weight.

* It seems like I'm forgetting something......oh yeah, did Lady Gaga perform or something? I'm pretty sure that was Madonna performing a mix of Vogue and Express Yourself. Except, I don't think Madonna had to "incubate" and "dilate" in a giant egg before performing.

No, I didn't's Valentines Day. So happy Valentines Day to all you sappy love birds out there. Since it IS Valentines Day and it IS the day after the Grammy's, I thought I would share a video of my Valentine at the Grammy's in 2007.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

When Tippy goes missing, I know exactly where to find her....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vanity Update

My dad has been hard-at-it working on my vanity. In the words of my Granny, "Bless his heart!" If you didn't see my first post on the vanity, you can check it out here. My dad just took these pics with his phone and sent them to me about 30 minutes ago so you are getting an exclusive sneak peak! Feel special.

He has completely stripped and (I think) sanded it. Here's an upside down view.

The mirror....sans the actual mirror.

Next, he's going to fill in some of the nicks with wood filler. As for the color, I'm leaning more towards white in a high gloss finish. I'm going to wait until I go home again before deciding if I want to change up the design of it at all. Decisions. Decisions.

The Office Quote of the Day:

Maybe the Michael Scott Paper Company was a huge mistake. I should leave. I should go and start my own paper company. That'll show them.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

In case you all aren't aware, I love my dog. I love her soooo much. Sometimes my love for her reminds me of this cartoon. So I had to search for it and show you what I think of everytime I hug and kiss that little Tippy of mine.

Scary, huh?