Monday, March 28, 2011


I have to start by saying that THIS IS MY 100th POST! Whooda thunk it? Now that that's outta the way, I am happy to say that I have found my inspiration for my living room. I realize that I haven't taken any pics of my living room for ya'll yet, but when I have something worth showing, you'll see it. It just might be sooner than later because this is on it's way!

How awesome are these colors?!?! I ordered it here off of etsy but I bought the last one so sorry bout cha! Let me give you a visual at just how boring my living room looks right now. I have a brown sofa and loveseat and a dark wood coffee table and end table. Yes, it's a big blob of brown except for my lime green shimmery damask window panels (which I love) that I snatched up at Bed Bath and Beyond for my birthday last year. I couldn't figure out which direction I wanted to go in with my living room until I saw another picture of a peacock feather on (my favorite blog) Young House Love. I've always been drawn to peacock feathers but never worked them into my decor until now! So I went onto Etsy and checked out all their peacock pics and fell in love with that one. I originally wanted a 16x20 but the seller contacted me and said that once he scaled it to that size, the proportions weren't right even though he advertised that he could do a 16x20.....I guess someone will be getting "neutral" and not "positive" feedback from the Crafty Bachelorette! He said 16x16 and 20x30 looks best in those proportions. I thought the 16x16 would be too small and I really didn't want to go as big as 20x30 but I figured that I could make it work since I have 9 foot ceilings and a large empty space above the sofa that has been driving me cray-cray (in the words of Kim Kardashian) for the last 11 months. Holy moly! I've lived here for 11 months??? I have an idea with some other artwork to cluster with it so I can't wait to show you when I have it all hung.

I cannot end this post without saying WE'RE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!! How bout dem CATS!!

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