Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paper Kutz

I probably should've blogged about this a long time...but....well, I just haven't gotten around to it.  Do you remember here where I went to my first home maker class?  Well the group is called Paper Kutz and I paid my annual $8 fee and joined the group.....back in December.  See, I told you this was long over due.  Basically, the group meets once a month and each month, you have two demonstrators, one person who brings snacks, and another that brings drinks and you sit around and make cards and socialize.  Pretty fun.  So I thought I would go back and show you all of the cards that I have made so far.  Oh, and not all of these are cards....they can be pretty much anything that's made out of paper. 

 I thought this was really cute because you can slide the card in and out of its little holder. 

Made from real dried flowers.

 So cute and sooooo easy!

 This demonstrator made ALL of those little flowers out of string....for 25 people!!

Spring Time!

A bracelet....all made out of paper.  This actually drove me a bit batty!

 I really liked this one :)

 This was one of my favs!

Our little "Kell-ki" demonstrated this one for us!

 Some people got a little frustrated with this one but I love it because we got to draw and paint!

 A little ornament.  I really need to find that nail polish I'm wearing because I loved it so.

 A case you couldn't figure it out.

This was pretty cool....a fry bag

 And this one really got me ready for fall!!

So there ya have it!  Everything I have made in Paper Kutz so far.  I hope I didn't leave anything out.  In case you're saying, "But Shari, I want mooore!"  Well you're in luck!  We will be meeting again next Thursday and I will be back to show you what I come home with.  I'm going to try to post every month to show you what I made.  I mean, I AM the CRAFTY Bachelorette, right??  

* Sorry, if the photos seemed a little wonky.  Blogger has added some new features and I'm testing them out.  

** I REALLY need to get a better camera, like an SLR camera.  These yellow pics are driving me ba-na-nas.  Speaking of ba-na-nas, did anyone catch the season premiere of Rachel Zoe the other night?  So good.  Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix my yellow pics, let me know!

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