Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

In case you completely checked out of the world last week and didn't hear (or see all over facebook)....Tippy won the Funny Pet Contest!!!  She won a prize valued at $70 which includes a free nail clipping from Dazzling Dogs Pet Spa, a treat bag provided by Hoof n Paw, plus her Beach Party pics made and a picture package for free done by CC&B Designz.  How exciting......right???  We already had an appointment made to have her pictures made before the contest but she had them done for FREE since she won! 

I thought I would have fun with these pictures and get in the picture with her so I went to target, bought a ducky float, goggles, threw on a bathing suit top and tank and shorts, then of course ordered a bikini for Tippy.  She looks smokin' if you ask me!   

A huge THANK YOU to Hoof n Paw, CC&B Designz, Dazzling Dogs and all of the fans who voted for Tippy.  This is the first contest she ever won....and will probably be the last. 

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