Friday, September 24, 2010

A (re)productive evening

I have to start by saying THIS IS MY 50th POST!!!!! I cannot believe that 50 posts later, I'm still blogging. Granted, I haven't exactly blogged about what I intended this blog to be about: crafts and reality TV. That's why this blog is called The Crafty Bachelorette. It's been more about that little dog of mine. Tippy is her name in case you forgot. Ha! I have some projects that are halfway done and I hate it that I won't make time to finish them so that I can share them with all of my dedicated readers :) As for the reality shows, I stress out enough now that all the new shows are on and I have to spend hours in front of my DVR catching up on them. The thought of finding the time to blog about them stresses me out even more! I try my best to blog at least twice a week but sometimes that doesn't happen. At least you can guarantee a blog post every Tuesday!

Moving on. The other night, I had planned on cutting my grass and when I mentioned it to my friend Easy, he said he wanted to do it. Since I moved in, he has offered several times to cut it for me because he LOVES cutting grass! I guess I just couldn't fathom someone loving to cut grass....especially that hill of mine. Since he insisted, I went ahead and let him. :)

I have to say that's one fine haircut! I wonder who cut it? :)

Told ya that hill was a B!

While he was cutting the grass, I decided to water my flowers. I walked over to the water hose to fill up my watering can. I was bending down filling it up when I just so happened to look up and see this about 12" from my face.

I don't know much about insects.....are they grasshoppers or crickets....or something else? Let's just call them crickets.

Seeing these crickets reminded me of a funny story. My brother, I'm guessing he was in his 20's at the time, would turn the TV on the naughty adult channels and yell for my mom. She'd walk in the room and he would say, "Mommy! Mommy! What are they doing?" Ahh....good times!

So I have to admit, when I first saw them, my innocence seriously thought they were giving each other a piggy back ride. The one on top was so much smaller than the other one so I thought that it might have been the "baby." Until I got a closer look. Then I saw the belly of the one on the bottom and it was moving up and down pretty quickly like it was breathing hard. Who would've guessed that I had insect porn right in my back yard?

These poor crickets. I was all up in their grill while they were trying to have a little privacy. I literally had the camera inches from them and after about 10 minutes of snapping pics, they started to get a little irritated and moving away from me. I didn't let that stop me. I still kept taking pics! Then all of a sudden, they jumped (still attached) on the strap of my camera. Can you say I FREAKED! I kept shaking my camera and finally got them off and they landed in the grass. I then decided to leave them alone and let them have their moment.

After all of Easy's hard work and after my cricket photo session, we sat outside on my back patio and hung out for a couple of hours with a couple of drinks. There is nothing that I love more than chatting with friends outside on a nice summer/fall night.

I didn't even bother turning on the light outside because it was practically a full moon and that was all the light we needed.

Of course we also had the light from our phones....

And the light from Easy's cigarettes. lol.

Tippy loves nights outside too. She also loves chillin' with her Uncle Easy :)

The Office Quote of the Day:
I can tell Michael's mood by which comedy routine he chooses to do. The more infantile, the more upset he is. And he just skipped the "Ace Venture" talking butt thing. He never skips it. This is bad.
~ Pam

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  1. Love it! And, since you usually blog on Tuesdays, don't we have plans for this coming Tuesday? Coincidence???