Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tush Cush(ion)

In true Shari fashion, I'm typing this post about a month or two too late. I think I'm starting to live by the motto "Better late than never!"

When I moved here last year, I threw out my old cushions because they were getting a bit grimy. I went the entire summer sitting on my white wicker chairs sans tush cushion. I decided I wasn't going to go another summer letting my booty go numb so off to Pier 1 I went! I found these striped cushions and loved the bright and fun colors.

And if I'm not in a stripey mood, I can flip 'em over to the flowery side.

Let's be honest here......the main reason I picked out those cushions was because it had a coordinating PEACOCK pillow. I think I may have mentioned my love for the peacock so this was a no-brainer. He's so fun. But are you wondering what he's laying on????

Well, it's my new lounge chair.

I have been searching for a lounge chair that I can catch some rays on. I was actually looking for something really cheap like those fold-up chairs made out of that cheap rubbery tubing. But I could not find them anywhere! I could only find a chair-chair but not a lounging chair. I kept seeing this chair at Bed, Bath & Beyond but for $129.00, it was a bit out of my price range. BUT, do you remember those zebra print panels that I got for Christmas that I took back? I ended up getting $84 in store credit for them. So I thought, if I use my store credit, and my 20% coupon (FYI their coupons never expire), I could probably get it for about 30 bucks. So I went to the store and low and behold, it was marked down to $104.99. YESSSSS!! I used my in-store credit, my 20% coupon, and I found a gift card that had a dollar and some change left on it. After all that, you will never guess how much I ended up paying for it!.........Oh, just $2.24. Yep, I paid 2 bucks for a $130 chair! That, folks, is what you call The Deal Of The Century!!!

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