Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whippin' out a wreath

Well, I'm back with something crafty.  I'll go ahead and tell ya, it ain't nothing special but I figured that since I haven't done anything crafty in....oh.....MONTHS, I should share anyway.  

I switched my colors for Christmas from red, lime green and white to peacock colors.  My wreath before (which I forgot to take a pic of...sorry!) was done in my colors from last year so I ripped everything off and tossed a few things on there that went with my new color scheme.  I made the bow and added a stem in the middle that has bells so every time my door opens and closes, there's a little jingle-lingle-ling.  The only other things I added were the poinsettias, small ornaments and a few floral stems but you can barely even see them because they're lime green. 

I should've taken some close up pics of the details but I completely forgot about it.  I would take some more pics but it took 2 weeks to take this one because it's been dark when I leave in the morning and is dark when I get home.....stupid time change.  I snapped this real quick when I came home for lunch one day....when it wasn't raining....and when I wasn't trying to squeeze in so much DVR time during my lunch....and when Tippy wasn't craving my attention. 

Again, nothing special.  I feel like I did such a dishonor to my front door with all the really cool wreath ideas on Pinterest but I haven't had much time and I literally threw it together in a few minutes so that I would have SUMTHIN on my little wreath hanger.  Hey, maybe after all of the crazy Christmas stuff is over, I'll do a winter wreath. *fingers crossed*

**I've actually done some ornament making that I shall share very soon.  And I'm thinking of another project to display my Christmas cards.  Dang, I'm on a roll!  You can call me.......The Crafty Bachelorette!! 

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