Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tippy's first masterpiece(s)

Tippy has started to take after her mama and tap into a little bit o' crafting.  Since she didn't have much money to buy Christmas presents this year, she thought she would make her own presents.  So she painted a picture for her Mimi and Paps and another one for me.  Isn't she so sweet!  Luckily, we already had some paint so she picked out colors that match our decor and dipped her little paw in the paint and went to town.  By the way, she's a lefty just like her mama.    

And here they are all matted and framed!  One thing I love about it is if you look closely, you'll find Tippy hairs dried up in the paint. 

Funny story.....I have an aunt that is really artsy.  She has original art covering her walls and she knows good art. She came by my parents' house last week and when she was leaving she was admiring a picture of my brother and his fiance on the table right by the front door.  Then she noticed the picture that Tippy made and she said "Oh, I really like that!  Where did you get that?"  

So I just might have a little Picasso on my hands! :)

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