Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bush Trimmin'

Say it with me....."Outta Control!"  I can't say that I pay to much attention to my bushes in the front, but when I noticed that they were getting in the way of my grass mowing duties, I realized they had grown quiiiiiite a bit!  After they kept poking me, I stepped back and thought, "Huh, well I can't see the bottom of my window."  I mean, just LOOK at how bad this is! 

I thought this little project would only take about 30 minutes but an hour and a half later, I ended up with this.  I seriously cut off just as much as I left.  Did I mention that I was using little hand held cutters?   So, yes, I snipped each one of those individually. 

It's never a good sign when I turn around and make THIS face when I've had a pair of trimmers in my hand for over an hour.

Yep, I noticed that I somehow managed to cut a big gaping hole in the back of one of the bushes.  Oooops.  Thank God it was in the back!

On to the after shot.  And what an after shot it is!

Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the skill of bush trimming.  It actually looks better in this pic than it does in person but it's still a maaaaaaaajor improvement! 

Just for fun, let's do a little side by side before and after.....


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