Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm thirty-something

Not only is this a post about my birthday but it's also my 200th POST!!  Can you believe it?  I know, me either.  Whatta way to celebrate my 200th post by sharing my birthday celebrations....and mishaps.  You'll see what I'm talking about very shortly.

For my 29th birthday, I gave you a list of 29 things you may not know about me and I gave you a list of 30 things on my 30th birthday.  Well, I think y'all probably know enough about me by now so I thought I would do something a little different this year.  I thought I would give you the play by play of my birthday (weekend).  

Dim the lights, here we go!

Thursday, May 24th
12:58pm - It's my mom's birthday so Tippy and I call my mom and leave a voicemail singing happy birthday to her.  Yes, Tippy sang too.  
2:06pm - My co-workers surprised me with a chocolate cake, birthday cards, and a hanging impatiens basket for my fence.  However, their plan to get me to the room where my little surprise party was didn't go as planned, so by the time I finally got to the room, there wasn't much left of a couple of the candles.

7:15pm - After running an errand, I joined some friends at Outback.  They had already been there a while but I was able to get there in time to have a much drink with them, which they bought for me.  Thanks Ed, Rachel, and Fran!

Friday, May 25th: MY BIRTHDAY!
7:44am - I got on the scale and discovered that I had lost a total of 10.4 pounds.  Best birthday present ever.
7:50am - My head was hurting a little but I was hoping it would go away on its own because I was out of ibuprofen.
7:53am - I view my happy birthday posts on Facebook.
9:07am - I ignore the fact that my headache isn't any better and go for a run before it got any hotter. 
9:44am - Ok, maybe running with a headache wasn't the greatest idea because my head was starting to throb at this point.  Luckily, I realize my renter next door is home so I call her and ask if she has any ibuprofen. Not only does she bring over some Advil, but also a bottle of wine for my birthday.  Whatta dear she is.
10:10am - My phone has not stopped dinging with Facebook posts but my head hurts too bad to look at the screen.
10:16am - I believe this is one of the worst headaches ever.  While I wait for the Advil to kick in, I draw a hot bath and lay in the bath tub with the lights off and close my eyes.  
10:27am - With my eyes closed, I end up falling asleep in the bath tub and dream about the guards in Aladdin.  Then I realize that I had just had my first cartoon dream and that made me happy.  
10:42am - Instead of the guards taking Aladdin away in my dream, they must have taken my headache away because I woke up and it was gone.
10:43am - I thank God that I woke up safely in the bathtub.  Kids, don't try that at home.
10:45am -  I view more happy birthday posts on Facebook.
10:57am - I leave to go get my birthday manicure and pedicure.
11:34am - Mom calls laughing uncontrollably because she went to pick up our birthday cake that was supposed to have Tippy and her chihuahua Scotty on it but they ended up looking like big ole ugly rottweilers.  Not to mention, the icing ran together.  See for yourself.  Notice that she did, however, capture Tippy's teeth.

11:50am - I view more happy birthday posts on Facebook while I'm getting my feet rubbed and scubbed.
11:54am - I see my friend Ronda at the nail salon.  Ronda owns 4 out of the 5 Subways in Richmond so she told me since it was my birthday to go down to Subway and get whatever I want and it was on her.  Thanks Ronda!!
12:44pm - I view more happy birthday posts on Facebook.
2:45pm - My friend Stephen comes over and gives me a birthday card.  Inside was a piece of paper that had a picture of a router.  He was getting sick of me cussing and complaining about my router every time my internet would quit working so he ordered one for me because he knew I probably wouldn't buy one for myself.  He said I should probably get it in a week.  I hope he knows that he'll probably have to come over and hook it up for me too since knowing me, I'll screw something up and more cussing would ensue.  Plus, he knows what he's doing when it comes to internet stuff.
6:28pm -  My very first best friend Brittany called and wished me a happy birthday and told me that our friend Michael was in town if I wanted to invite him out.  Oh, heck yeah....

7:00pm - I had a great dinner on the patio at The Cellar in Lexington with my brother and some other friends.
9:34pm - We head down to Drakes for some more drinks.  Michael Craft ends up joining us at some point and he managed to not get his shirt ripped off this time or kicked out.  Yay Craft!

Stephen and da birthday gurl

Meredith, Becca, and me

Saturday, May 26th
1:03am - My brother and I got back to his house.  I brought the left over cake from work and we dug in.  Literally dug in.  I picked up the cake with my hands and smeared it on my face just a little bit.  It's kinda the thing I do every year.  But Casey wanted to re-create the picture from my first birthday and smashed it all in my face...and up my nose.  

8:29am - I get outta bed, go downstairs and my brother passes me a giant bottle of ibuprofen and fixes me a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. 
10:07am - I get on the road and head to Paintsville!
12:29pm - I see the cake for the first time in person and understand why my mom could not stop laughing.  I'm talking hand-over-mouth-I-can't-believe-what-I'm-seeing laughter!
1:30pm - Nap time.
5:55pm - Dinner at El Azul's!  I say "Hola!" to all of my favorite Mexican waiters when I walk in the door. 
7:45pm - Two pitchers of margaritas were consumed by my sister, dad, and myself.
7:47pm - I go to the bathroom and try to find a decent stall to go into.  During my quest, my shoe turns in and I completely wipe out and hit the floor.....hard. 
7:48pm - After I manage to get up off the floor, I slowly limp into a stall.  Then as I pee, I can't stop giggling and can't wait to get back to the table and tell everyone what just happened. 
7:50pm - I sit down at the table and say, "Soooo...I may or may not have just fallen on the bathroom floor." My sister points out the difference between her and I because she said she would have kept it to her herself.  Then I point out all of my battle wounds.  Bruises are already popping up on my knees, the inside of my arm was red from smacking the floor so hard and I re-injured my ankle that was still not completely healed after spraining both of them by doing toe touches in downtown Louisville 6 weeks ago.  Everyone laughs.
7:58pm - As we leave El Azul's, I have my mom and sister follow me to the bathroom so I can demonstrate just how slick the floor was.  And yes, my mom said it looked like I was skating on ice.  So it wasn't the 2 pitchers of was truly really slick.
8:02pm - Dad and Casey walk next door to Rite Aid to get some beer while we go on to the car: Mom in the driver's seat, Shauna and I in the back.
8:07pm - Dad and Casey load up the beer in the back and Casey gets in the passenger seat.  For some reason, Mom looks at Casey and says, "You gonna drive?" To which Casey responded, "Yeah, if we were in Europe." We laugh.
8:34pm - Time to see if that cake tastes better than it looks.  Lucky for you, you get to see for yourself.

8:52pm - I walk in the living room and see my sister already passed out on the couch.  So I do what we always do when one of us passes out early, I take a picture!  Then I sent it to my cousin Stephanie with the caption, "Shauna is ready to party!"
9:01pm - I am out cold asleep on the couch.  Hey, at least I outlasted Shauna by 9 minutes.  

Sunday, May 27th
10:25am - Shauna and I decide to go walking out at the lake before it gets too hot.
10:37am - We were walking and talking along the trail, then Shauna starts screaming and yells, "Snake!"  I look over and see it and run a few feet until I know I'm in the clear but I look up and Shauna is still running.....and running.....and running....and doing highs knees all at the same time.  I didn't think she was ever gonna stop.  When I finally catch up to her, she's still freaked out.  I mean, I'm not a fan of snakes either but geez, I'm not gonna run the entire length of a football field to get away from one! 
11:24am - I sit outside on the back deck, on the new comfy patio furniture, in the shade with a fan blowing on me and start typing up this blog.....I knew it was gonna be a biggun so I wanted to get a head start. 
6:00pm - My aunts, uncle, and cousins start rolling in for our family cook-out at my mom and dad's house.  On the menu was fish that my dad and brother caught last week in Lake Erie, crab legs, bacon wrapped filets, ribs, hush puppies, smashed potatoes in olive oil, corn on the cob, grilled pineapple, garlic bread, and 7 layer salad.  We also had buffalo chicken dip as an appetizer then 3 or 4 different desserts.  
10:45pm - Little cousin Miles had enough fun for one day.

11:01pm - We brought everything inside....including Miles.

11:04pm - Mason and Sophia.....I've never seen a big brother and little sister that think the world of each other so much!

So to sum it all up, it was a fan-tab-u-lous birthday weekend!  Even though I now have to say that I'm thirty-something.  That sucks. 

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