Sunday, April 11, 2010

To run? Or not to run?

Of all the cardio exercises out there, running is my LEAST favorite. I'm not a runner, never have been and more than likely, never will be. Not even when I was my most physically fit in high school when I had cut up arms and 4-pack abs. The only running I remember doing back then was during cheerleading practice when we would have to run laps around the gym while yelling the words to our's a lot harder than it sounds especially when you're gasping for air and yelling at the same time. So if I hate running so much, then why am I training to run a 5k? You heard me.....I'm training to run a 5k. I had the idea at the beginning of the year, kinda as a new years resolution, but then I never thought twice about it. I have a cousin that's a runner. A dedicated runner. A few weeks ago his sister ran her first 5k and that inspired me. So I got online and looked up the upcoming races. It just so happened that there was a race in 6 weeks that really peaked my interest.....the Thin Mint Sprint! It seems fitting that my first race be named after a cookie. So I email my cousin and basically said, "Ok, I've got 6 weeks.....can you send me a training schedule?" This is what he sent back:

Week 1: 3 runs, each for 1/2 mile
Week 2: 3 runs, each for 1 mile
Week 3: 3 runs, each for 1.5 miles
Week 4: 3 runs, 2 for 2 miles, 1 for 2.5 miles
Week 5: 4 runs, 2 for 2.5, 1 for 2.75 miles, 1 for 3 miles
Week 6: 2 runs for at least 2 miles but can go farther if I want, then the race on May 8th

Then he goes on to talk about other stuff like doing other cardio during the days I'm not running, doing stretches several times a day, eating healthy and blah blah blah.

OK so I haven't exactly paid my 20 bucks and registered for the race just yet. I want to at least get half way through my training and see if this is even going to be do-able. Maybe if I go ahead and register, then that will force me to go through with this. But what if it rains that day? What if I wake up with a headache or horrible cramps? What if Tippy would rather I stay home with her and play fetch with her purse or high heel shoe? You just never know what might come up!

One of the main reasons I wanted to do this is because I want those extra pounds to just melt right off of me! Let me just say that I've completed 2 weeks of my training and I've not lost ANY weight! I've exercised 5 days a week for the last 2 weeks and no change. Ok, so maybe my diet hasn't been greatest but I thought that when you become a "runner" you can eat whatever you want and brag to people that you just can't seem to keep the pounds from dropping off of you! It COULD be because I've only been running 1/2 mile to a mile. But this week I'm running 1.5 miles so watch out! I'm going to go dig out my box of "I'm-too-fat-for-these-clothes" clothes.

Ok, all this staying fit talk is started to get to me. So I will share with you what I ate over Easter weekend. My mom orders these for us every year from the church. They are filled will peanut butter. And it's the kind of peanut butter that's mixed with powdered sugar. (Hmm??? Could this be part of the reason of my lack of weight loss?)

The Office Quote of the Day:

Ryan: Kendall from corporate H.R. is on line and Holly's on her way in too.
Michael: What the only thing worse than one H.R. rep?
Ryan: Two H.R. reps.
Michael: You get me.

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