Thursday, June 10, 2010

R.I.P. Bella

My heart is absolutely broken. I found out that Tippy's sister died yesterday. Bella was from the same litter as Tippy but they had different daddies because Lucy (the momma) was a little promiscuous and got knocked up by my brother's dog (a chihuahua) AND a yorkie. Bella was definitely part yorkie. She was a little funny looking but soooo cute and soooo sweet! The weird thing is, I was just thinking about her earlier that day before I heard the bad news. I was thinking about how Tippy is so stand-offish to new people and how I wished she was more like Bella in that she would love on anybody that would love on her. My heart goes out to Danielle who raised this sweet pup along with Lucy. I can only imagine how Lucy is handling it too. Even though she's just a dog, she knows that Bella was her baby and her best friend for the last year and a half. If you're not a dog-lover, then you're probably reading this thinking I'm crazy but this sort of thing absolutely kills me and my heart breaks when a dog loses its life.

It's a good thing that Tippy isn't very smart because if she understood what I was saying when I told her that her sister went to doggy heaven, she would have been really upset too.

Here are a few pics of Bella throughout her short little life.....

Bella was definitely the smallest one of the litter. I think she was under 3 pounds full-grown.

Never saw anything like her!

Their 1st family reunion....Daddy Rocky, Mama Lucy and Sisters Tippy and Bella

One cute little family :)

Precious video of Bella/"Grandma"

Tippy & Bella's 1st Birthday party

Bella opening her presents
This tissue paper looks comfy to lay on!

Rest In Peace were one special dog that was loved very much.

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