Thursday, July 22, 2010

My latest purchase...

I've been on a search for barstools. I knew exactly what I was looking for.....seagrass barstools with a back on them. After searching every website I could think of, the only website I found them on was Pottery Barn and you can only imagine the pretty price tag on those babies. One day I was in Louisville for work and killing some time so I browsed World Market and found the exact barstools I was looking for! Since I have to think long and hard about every purchase I make, I didn't purchase them right away. Then when I finally decided to buy them (with my birthday money), they were out of stock. So I put my name on their "waiting list" and they called me about a month later. I am grateful to my sister that she lives in Louisville and was able to go pick them up for me within the 48 hour holding period. I am oh-so-happy with them and not regretting them at all! Did I mention they're really comfy too?!?

The Office Quote of the Day:
So that is why I have to leave at five on Tuesdays, it's to pick up my little sisters from school. We're really right. We're like the Kardashians.

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