Monday, August 23, 2010

Guest Bathroom: Wall Decor #1

So out of all the rooms in my new house that need desperate attention for decor, I decided to tackle my guest bathroom first of all places. One reason, I quickly picked out a paint color. Second, it's small and shouldn't take that much work. Don't worry, I'll show you before and after pics but before that, I'm going to show you bits and pieces of my artwork and other decor.

So I struggled and struggled trying to figure out what type of artwork to put above the toilet. I thought about one of those up-close head shots of Tippy but I already have them hanging up. One day I took Tippy outside to pee and a light bulb went off! Not just a light bulb but one of those huge bright lights you see at a football stadium. Since it IS a bathroom, I decided to do one pic of Tippy peeing and another of Tippy going #2. I know, GENIUS!

It was hard to get a good up-close pic without the glare from the glass. Do you even know how hard it was to take these pics? It meant taking my camera out every time I let her out. The pee pic was pretty easy. But the other one? First of all, she doesn't poop as often as she pees, and second I didn't want any tootsie rolls in the pic. Tippy was getting to the point that she was tired of me taking pics every time she assumed the position. I think the poor thing was getting backed up because every time she would hunch over, I'd jump up with my camera and then she'd run away and not finish doing her biz-nass. I'm sure she's glad that I'm done with this little project!

So how did I get the mat the exact same color as the wall, you ask? Well, I bought these mats for $3 a piece. I didn't care what color I got, just as long as they were both the same.

Then I took some painters tape and taped off the white inset.

Since I had some left over paint, I rolled 2 coats on, just make sure the black wasn't showing through.

I removed the tape and ta-da!

The whole reason I decided to paint the mat the same color as the wall was because with the thick brown frame, I really wanted the ART to stand out more than the frame or the mat. I mean, do you blame me?

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