Sunday, June 12, 2011

YSVNM (Yard Sale Virgin No Mo')

This may come as a shocker, but I don't think I had ever been to a yard sale until last weekend. (Yes, this post is a little late.) I may have been when I was younger and don't remember, but I know I haven't been to one in my adult life.

My co-worker was having one at a friend's house so I thought I would check it out. This is what I left with!

Let's start at the top left corner: 4 really nice beer glasses, 3 canisters, 2 pictures for a little girl's room (I have plans for these), 3 gold frames, a mini muffin pan, and the rest are stamps for my new card making hobby. Apparently, I spent big bucks for a yard sale. I left with all this stuff for just $15.25. Not too shabby. So I have a project that I'm working on with the 2 pink frames (hint: they're not pink anymore!) and I'm thinking about painting the gold frames silver and doing something with them in my bedroom. Who knows, that may change.

So the next morning, I went to Chick-fil-a to get some chicken mini's for breakfast. If you've never had them, then I feel reeeeeaally bad for you. As I was pulling in my neighborhood, I saw a sign that said "Yard Sale & Bake Sale". Whaaaat? You had me at Bake Sale! So I drove around my neighborhood twice searching for this yard sale and stumbled upon another yard sale. While I was there, I found these 3 kitchen utensils. Ya'll know I don't cook but I need more kitchen stuff for when I do cook and yard sales are the best places to get them. So I got a strainer thingy, another thingy to get spaghetti out and a potato masher. And that thing in the bottom of the picture? It was a cookie that I got at the Yard Sale/Bake Sale.

Let's take a closer look. It's a chocolate chip cookie with crushed Butterfinger on top and white chocolate and milk chocolate drizzled on top. Yeaaaahhh, it didn't stand a chance.

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