Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pops at the Park 2011: A Royal Wedding

You know we love us some Pops!  We participated in this fun-tabluous event for the 5th year in a row.  Click here to see what we did last year and also in the years past.  It's definitely a good trip down memory lane!  We decided to have a Royal Wedding theme and I'll give you three guesses who dressed as Kate and the first two don't count.  We also had Pippa and the rest were wedding attendees.  Oh, and I can't forget about a cardboard version of William!  The good news is we had lots of fun.  The bad news is we didn't place this year :(  I guess placing 3 out of 5 years at an event with hundreds of people isn't too bad but I was still disappointed. 

I thought I would take the time and share the project that I worked so hard on for this.  I knew we had to have the British flag somewhere.  Did you know that the British flag is actually called the Union Jack?  Gotta love those Brits.  Anywho, I had a hard time finding Union Jack decorations so I thought, "I'll just make one and we can use it as our tablecloth!"  So I went to Lowe's and bought a 9x12 drop cloth.  I ended up trimming the sides since it was a bit big for a table but I just winged it so I'm not sure what the final dimensions ended up being.  Next came the hard part.....Math.  I swear, if pigs fly and I end up getting married one day, the dude has GOT TO be good with numbers.  Shari + numbers = smoke coming out of ears.  Once I got it all drawn out, I used frog tape to tape off my lines.  

I didn't know if I should paint it with acrylic paint that I already had or use spray paint.  I opted with the acrylic until I got this far and realized how much I would actually need to cover this beast. 

So I went to Lowe's (again) and bought spray paint.

But then I got this far and ran out of spray paint.  So off to Lowe's (again) I went!

After I got all of the paint on (2 coats), I was left with this. 

I thought it needed some type of clear coat since we would have our food and drinks on it so I found this stuff at the Hob-Lob.  Let me tell ya, this stuff staaaaanks!!  Not stinks, staaaaaanks.  Poor Tippy could smell it from inside the house.  How do I know this?  Because she told me.  No not really, but she kept sneezing like 5 times in a row.  I hope I didn't kill any of her brain cells because if I did, well she might have an IQ of 2 now. 

And here is the final product.  You can see at the top where I started using acrylic paint, but it wasn't that noticeable when it was laying on the table.  

Once I got all measuring figured out, it was actually a pretty fun project to do.  Now I have this giant British flag and I have no idea what to do with it.  If anybody needs over sized British decor, I've got ya covered! 

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