Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remote Control

Remember that show on MTV?  It was the greatest ever!  If you can't remember, this may jog you're memory.....

So what does that have to do with this post? Well a lot actually.  For one, it's about a remote control and two, it's about a remote control (and TV) that CLEARLY came from the 80s just like this infamous game show. Well, I'm referring to my old-school TV that I had up until last year? 

If you don't remember me talking about my TV, you can read about it here.  Long story short, it was the one thing that my Granny made sure I got when she died 7 years ago.  So I held on to that sucker until I could no longer watch my 84572938 shows that I DVR.  As you can imagine, I was emotionally attached to that TV and even though it had the worst picture in the history of color TV, I was still so sad to see it go.

BUT, one day I opened the drawer to the end table (that I rarely open) and realized I still had its remote control! (Yeah, I know.....the pic is sideways.  You're lucky I even got a pic of it.)

So I had some ideas on what I wanted to do with it but the first thing I did was take it apart.  I took off the back and all of its guts leaving only the front part and the buttons.  Then I gave it a good warshin' because I'm pretty sure it had crumbs and gunk inside that had been there since my Granny used it.  

What did I do next?......What I always do when I begin a project.  I had a brain fart and left it sitting on my bar for months.  Then a couple of months later, I finally decided to do something with it.  My original plan was to maybe take a hammer to it and break it up into pieces and create some type of abstract art and spray paint it in a bright funky color.  But I consider this thing "vintage".  I mean, how many remotes/TVs have you seen lately that have "Zenith" on the bottom?  Besides the TV in the video above which totally proves my point. 

I really didn't want it to lose its integrity (yes, this remote has integrity) so I decided to mount it as is. My plan was to hang it in the same room where I watch hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of TV, so it would definitely be appropriate.  The only problem was when I took it apart months ago, I threw away the back of it because I wasn't planning on leaving it in one piece.  So I had to hot glue the sheet with the buttons to the under side of the front of the remote.  I wasn't sure how I was gonna frame it.  First, I started looking for shadow boxes but they were more than I wanted to spend and it seemed like a lot of empty space for a remote that was maybe 1" deep.  (That's what she said?)  It clearly wouldn't fit behind the glass in a regular frame so I had the bright idea to take the glass out of a frame that I already had, paint it metallic gold, add scrapbook paper behind the frame and mount it!     

I thought I was done at this point until I spotted some coordinating ribbon on my TV stand.  I must mention that I was in the middle of about 4 different projects so I had random craft supplies laying er'where in my house. 

So I thought I could hot glue it around the edges just for a little extra detail.

It doesn't make the hugest difference but it definitely adds a little sum'n, sum'n.

So are you wondering why I've been making all this art and haven't shown you yet where I've hung it?  You will see soon!  :)

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