Monday, April 30, 2012

YHL helped decorate my house!

If you're not a regular in the DIY/crafty blog world, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about when I say YHL.  Well, it's only my all-time favorite blog in the world, otherwise known as Young House Love.  John and Sherry Petersik are the brains behind this fabulous blog and I believe I've mentioned them before so I'll spare you all the details on why I love them and all of their DIY goodness. 

There's another website that I adore....Joss and Main.  It's one of those lovely sites that sends you daily emails with discounts on a whole slew of stuff, usually of the decor type.  What does Joss and Main have to do with Young House Love?  Well, John and Sherry are so respected with their personal design choices that Joss and Main contacted them to be a part of their Curator's Collection!  So what the heck does that mean?  Well it means that they got to personally hand-pick items, ranging from furniture to small accessories, that (in the words of Sherry) is their "jam."  When I opened an email from Joss and Main one Sunday night and saw their smiling faces, I was super excited to see their Curator's Collection and even more excited when I saw things in my price range.  John and Sherry are some of the biggest penny pinchers I know (if you call stalking someone's blog daily "knowing them") so it didn't surprise me when I saw some reasonably priced items on their list.  You have no idea how big of a fan I am of this adorable little family so I just had to purchase an item or two because it was kinda like they had a hand in decorating my own pad.  

I ended up purchasing this set of 3 dish towel set in green and white. 

After I placed my order, Sherry blogged that she ordered these too!  I died. 

Then I bought one other thing.....this little feller.  Sherry is obsessed with ceramic animals (usually of the white kind....not that she's racist) so it didn't surprise me to see him on the list. 

Yes, I know it's a bit random to have a teal elephant in your house but elephants kinda have a special meaning in my family.  I don't usually like to talk politics but I have a family full of republicans and my uncle was the County Attorney for 20 years.  His law office had a pretty significant elephant theme going on with many many elephant figurines.  So when he passed away, we each picked out a couple of our favorite elephants.    Supposedly, when the trunk is pointing up, it's good luck.  So here's to hoping that Peter brings me all the luck in the world!  Yes, I named him Peter since John and Sherry's last name is Petersik.  :) 

And here are Tippy and Peter meeting each other for the first time. 

If you're wondering how the introduction went....well, Tippy thought Peter had a weird "nose" and Peter didn't understand why Tippy's teeth were on the OUTSIDE of her mouth. 


  1. Ack! Fabulous awesomeness! Peter is perfect, and I'm pretty sure he and Tippy are bonding!

    1. I'm not sure if "bonding" is the right word. Lol!

  2. Haha Too funny. I love that teal elephant. Sometimes a little "random" is just right!

    Found you through the YHL Facebook page!