Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tippy Tuesday

Yesterday was Tippy's 4th Birthday!  Yep, the big 0-4!  I usually have a party with cake, presents, balloons and Mexican food but her party is going to be delayed until next week when I will be dog sitting her daddy Rocky and her other chihuahua friend, Alex.  I was going to have a party last night but she begged me to postpone it for them.  So even though we didn't have a party, I still documented her birthday and even had a little birthday photo shoot.  

So here we go.....

Tippy eating her birthday bacon for breakfast.

Tippy doing some birthday yoga....a little Upward Dog, anyone?

Tippy taking a little birthday pee....even though it kinda looks like a birthday poo.

Tippy taking a birthday nap....that I interrupted so I could get a pic.

And now the fun (for me, not Tippy) begins!  Since she won't get her birthday cake until next week I picked up a UK treat (to also celebrate the big win this weekend) and little ice cream cone treats with sprinkles.  Oh, and of course I threw on her birthday hat.

Mama, will you please put the camera up and let me dig into these treats?  The look muy bueno!

 I still kept taking pics so that little rascal stuck her tongue out at me!!


Ok, this is the last one.  Happy Birthday, my little Tard Dog!

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