Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Dream Coffee Table(s)

I have been so excited about telling you all about this post but I'm just now getting a chance to write it.  For....oh....18 months or so, I've been without a coffee table ever since I turned my coffee table into my TV stand.  Since then, I've been looking and looking for a new coffee table.  I didn't know if I wanted an ottoman or an actual table.  What I did know was that I wanted something that was easy to move in case I wanted to move it out of the way to work out in my living room.  Ok, maybe it wouldn't be moved that much since I haven't worked out in my living room in months....but just in case I got a wild hair.

For about a year and half, I've been eying this table from CB2.  But I was thinking about taking 2 of these tables and placing them about 12 inches apart and making that my coffee table.  Well, the bad news of these tables cost $149.  So if I bought 2, I was looking at $300!  Ouch.

One Saturday, I had some bags to take to Goodwill so I dropped them off and thought Well, I'll just check out the furniture section but I'm sure they won't have anything cool since I always seem to miss out on the cool stuff.

I turned the corner and holy moly guacamole! 

No, your eyes are not playin' tricks on you.  Trust me, I thought someone was tryin' to play a trick on me too.  This is legit.  Kinda like Coach Mitchell at UK's Big Blue Madness.  If you didn't see it, google it!  You won't be sorry.

I'm sure you're just dying to know how much I paid for them.

Yep. 5 dolla and 50 cents....Holla!  So for the pair, I paid a whoppin' 11 bucks plus tax.  Big difference from $300!  When I saw the price on these babies, I couldn't waddle myself with a table under each arm fast enough through those tiny clothes aisles. 

They were covered in dust, cob webs and definitely needed a good cleaning.  My plan was to wash them down and spray paint then with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint to give it that look of the table from CB2.  Well, I washed them down real good with ammonia and even started sanding one of the tables.  Then life got in the way....and when I say life, I mean TV shows so I didn't get a chance to spray them.  

They sat outside for about a week and when it was about to start raining, I brought them inside.  They were kinda in the way so instead of keeping them in right in the middle of the hallway, I thought I would put them where they actually belong.  And come to find out, I actually liked them just the way they were.  Gold and all!  

I think Tippy even liked them.

The main reason I was going to refinish them was because of the corners.  This is probably to worst one but you really can't tell unless you're right up on it.  

I've been on the market for a new that actually fits the room and fits under the sofa and loveseat but I think the gold really works well with the rug I have right now.  So until I get a new rug, I think I may leave the tables gold for now.  And if I decide to keep them gold for the long haul, then maybe I'll give them a fresh coat of gold paint to freshen them up.

Wouldn't you know!  The other day, I came across this picture on one of my blogs.  This room was designed by the man.  The myth. The design legend. The one and only Nate Berkus.  The picture is kinda cut off but there are two gold tables......just like I have! 

Via Elle Decor
Maybe I'll embrace my gold cube tables and not change them to silver. I mean, if Nate Berkus is including them in his designs, then why shouldn't I? 

On a side note....have you noticed that you get a better sense of what a room looks like when you take a picture of it?  I know it sounds crazy, but I really didn't see what my living room looked like until I looked at these pictures and it's made me appreciate my living room much more....especially since I got these tables which helped finished it off.  I'm really digging all of the different patterns, textures and finishes I've put into my living room.  It just makes it feel....cozy and ecclectic. As Nate Berkus says, you want a room to look like things have been collected over time and not like you walked into a furniture store and bought everything in the room display. Now the other side of the room is a different story.  I still need to do some tweaking but for now, I'm liking the side of the room where I spent so much quality time with Tippy and my remote control.  :)

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  1. Seriously, 2 points for you with this awesome Goodwill find! I love them gold, too! Rock on girl!

    Fabulously Vintage