Sunday, November 11, 2012

Artfully Yours....or Mine

I'm sure you've heard about all of these cute little painting studios popping up where you can spend an hour or two painting a particular painting.  Some of them you can even bring in adult beverages!  There's one in Louisville called Sips n' Strokes.  Doesn't that name just scream a good time?  Get your minds outta the gutter!  Anywho, there's a new studio that opened up here in Richmond called Artfully Yours.  I don't think they actually advertise that you can bring beverages but we didn't need to because we spent 2 hours at Casa Fiesta before going to class.  Holla!....or should I say Hola!

It was super fun and I definitely want to go back!  Here's my masterpiece. 

I had a problem with my leaves....I kept making them to where they looked like they were flipping the bird! (Subconscience talking?) First, it was the one on the bottom left and I tweaked it so that it didn't look so crude.  Then I'll be darn if I didn't do it again on the very top one!  I decided to just leave it.  I mean, don't true painters paint what they feel?  That must have been what I was feeling so why cover up my true emotions.  Plus, it's kinda funny.

And here we both are with our paintings.   

We definitely plan on coming back!  Perhaps to the paint your pet class.....

As if Tippy needs any more shrines in my house!

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