Wednesday, January 2, 2013

That's a Wrap!

Happy New Year!  Y'all making any resolutions this year?  I know of one New Year's resolution I need to make is to blog more.  We'll see how that one goes....

I have a really quick organization post for ya today.  While I was wrapping my presents I had a huge mess of wrapping paper, tissue paper and all kinds of other stuff just hanging out in my living room floor for about 2 weeks.  Yes, 2 weeks!  Oh, trust me....that mess was driving me B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  But once I wrapped the first couple of presents, I didn't want to put it all up only to drag it back out again when I bought more presents to wrap.  I even had the cable guy come over and he had to step over my mess too.  Oh well.  

You may remember back when I did this post and reorganized all my wrapping supplies.  Well, after almost 2 years, my system just wasn't working.  The bags that I kept the tissue paper in ended up being a pain in my ba-donk-a-donk.  I wasn't about to put away all my wrapping stuff until it was nicely organized and made me smile a big ole Tippy smile (with bottom teeth showing only).  So I sat in the floor and folded each piece of tissue paper individually. Yep, it took forever....just ask my lower back.  Then I was left with all of this.  

I remembered that I still had an accordion file box from my days as an interior design student that I used to file all of my magazine tear-outs and other design ideas.  I even found a left over piece of a carpet sample.  Boy oh boy, has my style changed! 

I organized them in the file slots (color coordinated, of course) and I smiled.

I smiled like this.

Mission accomplished.  I still haven't mastered organizing my ribbon and wrapping paper but once I figure it out, I'll show ya.  I was more concerned with the tissue paper since I seem to have a butt-load of it.  So how do you all organize your wrapping supplies?  Maybe I can steal one of your ideas.  :)


  1. That is GENIUS!! I always just throw extra tissue paper away and buy new when I need it. It drives Chad Martin crazy when I do that! I'm so stealing your idea!!

    1. If it's too ratty looking, I'll throw it away but I had so much that had never been used just piling up in basket with a bunch of other crap. So something HAD TO be done! Steal away!