Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the Golden Globe goes to.....

Lucky for you, I tackled a couple of projects while I spent 7 hours watching coverage from the Golden Globe Awards last. No, you didn't read that wrong....7 hours!

5-6:00: A show on E! highlighting the fashions from past award shows.
6-8:00: Live from the Red Carpet on E!
8-11:00: The actual awards show
11-midnight: The after party on E!

See, I told you! So in order for me to not obtain a permanent butt indentation on my couch, I decided to multi-task and work on some projects.

Project wrapping paper storage. Oh, I really wish I would have taken before pics because it was a disaster......I promise, it was an unorganized mess and I couldn't find anything! I already had this bin, purposely for wrapping paper, that comes with a lid but some of the rolls are too long so the lid can't go on it. I would like to eventually get a tall vase to store the paper in so that it doesn't look so plastic-y and rubbermaid-ish.

It doesn't look like much, but I have rolls of wrapping paper, then boxes on one side, and gift bags on the other side. Very easy to see what I have and even easier to find things.

I'm sure you're saying, "But Shari, what do you do with the tissue paper, ribbon, tags, tape, etc?" I'm glad you asked! I got the idea from this blog. I don't have nearly as much stuff as she had but it worked. I organized all the tissue paper by color and put each color in their individual large zip lock baggie. Then I color coordinated them when I put them in the basket (of course). I also had an individual baggie for all the name tags and put them in the back of the basket. Don't you hate it when you're wrapping presents and you can't find a pen to write their name on it, or the tape, or scissors? Well, I took a small baggie and placed 2 pens and a roll of tape that will not leave that basket! I also put a pair of scissors in there that (you guessed it) will not leave that basket! I laid all the ribbon on the bottom and there ya have it! I hate wrapping presents but I'm actually looking forward to the next birthday/celebration. I can tell you there will be no more digging, digging, and more digging when I'm looking for white tissue paper!

On to project #2. I got this cover for my Kindle for Christmas but it lacked some personality. I knew I could spice it up with the help of some fabric, ribbon, spray adhesive, and a hot glue gun.

So I went shopping in my craft room and pulled some fabric and ribbon that I already had. I cut out the fabric, leaving a couple of inches around the perimeter.

Then I glued the fabric to the cover using the same adhesive I used on my headboard. A little side note: Since I was doing this project on my coffee table, I laid down a large clipboard so that I wouldn't have to scrape goo from the adhesive off of my coffee table for the next 6 months.

I folded and glued all the edges and lined it with ribbon. I'm actually not real pleased with the way the inside looks but there won't be too many people looking inside.

I am however LOVING the outside! If the fabric looks familiar, it's the same fabric I used on my headboard, except the pattern is turned the other way. How's THAT for some personality!

The best part about these projects? I only spent $1.97 for the large zip lock bags (Thank you Great Value brand from Wal-Mart). Everything else, I already had! Nothing like completing 2 projects for basically nothing. :)

You won't believe it, but I actually tackled a THIRD project earlier that day. (Yes, it was a very productive Sunday.) You will have to check back and see what it is later this week. Ooooo....the suspense!

The Office Quote of the Day:
The new receptionist is also named Kelly, so Kelly Kapoor has decided to hover around my desk so that she can run into Charles's office every time he calls for Kelly. She thinks that if she says, "You wanted me?" enough, he will in fact want want her. It's not the worst plan she's ever had.

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