Friday, January 29, 2010

Tippy & Raven: NOT BFFs!

Back in the day when I first got Tippy, Kristen and I were so excited because we thought for sure that our little black dogs would be just as good of friends as we are. As we learned the personalities of each of our dogs, we thought "yeah....they're gonna hate each other." So we have kept them apart for over a year. Her dog actually lives in Harlan County but came to stay the night with us and....well.....this is what happened when they met for the first time......

It got a little better at the end of the night, but not much. And before you even say anything, yes, that was a Christmas rug you saw in the kitchen. It is January 29th and we have yet to take down any of our Christmas decorations, not even our tree. We're thinking about taking off the ornaments and decorating it for Valentine's Day :)

I'm finally starting to live up to the name of blog. I currently have a few sewing projects in the works and I PROMISE you will be some of the first to see. How dare I deprive my blog readers of my crafting!

I hope everyone is prepared for this "BIG SNOW" we're supposed to get! I'm supposed to judge in Shelbyville tomorrow and Georgetown on Sunday but I'm still waiting to see if it's gonna be delayed. For a list of competition dates and results, go to

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  1. Poor Tippy... that mean ol' Raven had her backed in a corner. That is a lot of high pitch barking going on in there. I hope they both become fast friends.

    Also think that decorating the tree for Valentine's day would be faboosh.