Monday, January 25, 2010

Well there goes the diet!

I'm not going to get all Bridget Jones on ya but 3 weeks of successful dieting has gone down the crap-shoot in just one weekend! The fam gathered in Louisville this weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and I'm not sure if I put one healthy bite in my mouth all weekend. We started the weekend at my favorite!
Can you tell which of these drinks was the DD's (aka Mom)? The other 6 drinks were for Dad, Shauna and myself.....and this was our 1st round. :) Gotta love 2 for 1 margaritas!!

An appetizer MUST! Guacamole and pico de gallo mixed together with a dash of lime and pepper....mmm!!

Saturday rolled around and my brother made it in town so we went to eat at Z's Oyster Bar. It was soooo good and the portions were surprisingly big. Usually when you go to nice restaurants, the portions are snack-size but you leave feeling good about yourself because you're not leaving there with your pants unbuttoned. We started off with calamari and 2 orders of Oyster Rockefeller. I took a couple of pics but they're kinda dark. I figured if I raised the flash in a dim, quiet restaurant, my sister would yell at me.

Oyster Rockefeller

I ordered crab cakes and let me just say that I have never had crab cakes with so much crab meat. They were the best crab cakes I've ever had!

Thanks to a (warmer than usual) January night, we went home and built a fire outside in the fire pit. A couple of my sister's friends came to join us and brought stuff to make smores. I'm pretty sure it's illegal for someone to build a fire without least for someone who has been eating only from the cardboard food group for 3 weeks. I'm not sure why i didn't take any pics of the smores but it's probably a good thing since I'm back on my diet. Posting a pic of the yummy smores I made would only lead to excessive drooling and deprivation.

On Sunday, I headed to Morehead to judge the 16th region KAPOS cheerleading competition. I love this time a year because I get to make a little extra money doing something I LOVE! For those of you that knew me when I was in high school, being a cheerleader was my first love. I was taking a gymnastics class up until the day before I left for college....and got teary-eyed when I threw my last tumbling pass. Yeah, I know, I'm ridiculous. Anywho, if anyone is interested, these are the results from yesterday's competition

Traditional: East Carter

Small: Boyd County

Medium: Ashland Paul Blazer

Large: Greenup County

Small Co-Ed: West Carter

Large Co-Ed: Elliott County

This weekend I'll be judging at Shelby County High School on Saturday and I'll be timing at Scott County High School on Sunday. If you enjoy watching cheerleaders at all, I would suggest coming to the competition at Scott County. This region has the best teams in the state!

While we're on the subject of cheerleading, I have something to complain about. That's what blogs are used for, right? What is up with cheerleaders and they're facial expressions?!?!?!?!?! Who told these girls that it looked good to open your mouth and let your tongue hang out??? It's like they're trying to SCARE the judges into giving them a good score. Well, not this judge! This drives me crazy and I definitely take off points when i see these facial expressions. Cheerleaders are supposed to be pretty and SMILE!!! If you coach a team, please don't let your cheerleaders make these horrible faces. I tried to google examples of pictures but google must think they're too ugly to post because I couldn't find any!

The Office Quote of the Day:

"I'm excited to lose weight for the wedding because I really want to have washboard abs the first time Angela sees me naked."

~ Andy

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  1. I'm really glad you didn't post pictures of the smores too! :)