Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whatta great birthday!!

I must say that I had a REALLY good birthday! Lots of surprises and great company! These are a few of the fabulous things that happened on my birthday:

* As soon as I woke up, I stepped on the scale and saw a number that I haven't seen since last fall....a number in the right direction!

* As I was going for a run, I got a call from one of my co-workers telling me to run back home! She had a call from somebody from the Richmond Register wanting to do an interview about our classes! So I ran my birthday butt home and gave an interview that will be printed in the Richmond Register. I LOVE when we get publicity!!

* My air conditioning wasn't working so I had to call the a/c people and have them come fix it. Apparently, the people that lived there before me never changed the air filter and it froze up the unit. So he had to defrost everything and it cost me a whoppin' 200 bucks! BUT the good news is he took off $25 since it was my birthday!

* I got a mani/pedi.

* When I FINALLY got to work, I had a huge surprise from a friend that forgot my birthday last year. There was a huge bouquet of flowers, a balloon, 2 cards, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

* Then I get sent down the hall where there was ice cream cake waiting for me and a gift...a gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond! How did they know that's what I wanted! :) * Once I got back to my office, I saw another card on my desk. It was from 2 people that work for me on the Challenge Course. They are an adorable engaged couple and it makes me so happy to know they thought of me on my birthday. I just hate it that I was right down the hall and missed them! Thanks Joey and Megan!

* I received an email from a co-worker that I just had to share because...well...... it's just too cute not to share. In case you're reading this from your phone and can't read what it says...."Happy Birthday Shari! Hope you have the kind of day a princess deserves."

* I drove to Louisville for work and spent the evening with some awesome people that included 2 of my co-workers, my sister and some of her (very entertaining) friends. Where did we go for dinner you ask? Where else but El Toro! My sister had a table for us outside waiting when we pulled up in the big Holiday Inn shuttle while the driver was laying on the horn. I told him to do it since it was my birthday. We definitely made an entrance which is what I wanted. The only thing missing was the red carpet.

I told my sister "NO BIRTHDAY SHOTS" but she obviously did not listen. Either that, or just didn't care because they came out with a shot. Before I knew it, the waiter tilted my head back and threw the shot down my throat....

Then he shook my head up before I had a chance to swallow it!

However, I really loved wearing the sombrero and my pink balloon.

Then he brought out my cake!!! YAY!!!

Then what do I do? I grab 2 handfuls of cake! This is not the first time I've done this and no, I'm not talking about my 1st birthday. It's kinda my tradition.

The aftermath.

I love my work peeps!
Thank you to my sister for throwing an awesome little birthday celebration for me!

The Office Quote of the Day:
I love catching people in the act. That's why I always whip open doors.

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