Monday, February 14, 2011

And the Grammy goes to....

It was a big night last was the Grammy Awards!!! Do you remember how productive I was during the Golden Globes? Well...unfortunately I can't say the same about last night.

For the last couple of years, my sister's friend Lyna has come to her house and they have a pajama Grammy party. Then they call and text me during the show after a couple of drinks, which is almost as entertaining as the actual Grammy's. I'm always jealous and wish I were there with them but they're an hour and a half away and it's on a Sunday (work night). This year, I decided to take the morning off of work and partake in the festivities :)

We started off with this really cool Riesling. We drank it in honor of my cousin Heath and his 2 little boys Mason and Miles. This was Heath's facebook status Saturday morning: Funniest thing ever. My boys were asleep in the car, went to the auto car wash and when the brushes were smacking the car, I started yelling we are being attacked by monsters! So funny I think I might have peed a little and Miles may have sharted.

Wine by some young punks

Chocolate covered cookie dough :)

Tippy kept asking when Snoop Dogg was going to perform.

Abby has 2 beds and lays like this....

A few thoughts/observations from the show:

* 2 weekends in a row Christina Aguilera has made an @$$ of herself. Did anyone else see her fall after they finished singing? She was NOT happy!

* Jennifer Hudson is officially skinnier than Christina.

* Speaking of falls, one of Justin Bieber's dancers flipped off the platform and hit the floor.....HARD! Then he grabbed his back. Couldn't tell if he finished the performance or not.

* I hope Lady Antebellum made room on their mantle for those awards!

* Usher needs to practice singing while dancing.

* Bruno Mars....really cool performance.

* Pretty funny how Kate Hudson's baby daddy mentioned her in his acceptance speech.

* How much weight has Miley gained? I thought drugs made you LOSE weight.

* It seems like I'm forgetting something......oh yeah, did Lady Gaga perform or something? I'm pretty sure that was Madonna performing a mix of Vogue and Express Yourself. Except, I don't think Madonna had to "incubate" and "dilate" in a giant egg before performing.

No, I didn't's Valentines Day. So happy Valentines Day to all you sappy love birds out there. Since it IS Valentines Day and it IS the day after the Grammy's, I thought I would share a video of my Valentine at the Grammy's in 2007.

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