Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know you all are just dying to know how my Peacock print turned out when I got it in! Well, let's just say I was a wee bit let down. First of all, it took two weeks to get here and when it finally did get here, I wasn't home when they tried to deliver it and they wouldn't leave it at the door. So I filled out the little sticky note they left on my door and signed it saying it was ok to leave it at the door if I wasn't home. So every day after that for the next 4 days, I would enthusiastically pull up the driveway and realize I still had no peacock. I was hoping I could just go to the post office and pick it up but noooooo......for whatever reason, it was at the post office in Georgetown, a good 40 minutes away! Do they not know we have post offices here in Richmond?

So I read the little sticky note again (more carefully) and I was supposed to CALL them and tell them when I wanted it delivered. What!?! When did they start doing that?? So low and behold, it arrives on the day I requested but I thought "This sure does look like a small package for a 20x30 print." So I open it up and find this.....

And no, I don't own a ginormous size pair of scissors. What was supposed to have been a 20x30 print ended up as an 8x12 print. After waiting 3 weeks to get it, I didn't even bother getting the right size. It won't be the statement piece I had hoped for but I'll find a way to make it stand out. Promise.

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