Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Projects

Happy New Year!!! Hopefully with the new year, I will be more inspired to make more time for the 435490983705 projects I still have to do in my home.....that I've been living in for 8 months now. I am going to sit down and make a list of everything I want to do and tackle it one project at a time. Nothing feels better than crossing things off that list!

One thing I've done is put some night stands together that I got for Christmas. They are for my guest bedroom and I got them at Ikea if you like them as much I do.

I'm working on my furniture building skills and I've never put together anything with drawers so *fingers crossed* for me!

Sure is a lot of pieces!

I did it!

You like? I haven't placed them in their new home (or accessorized) because I still have some other work to do to that room. BUT once I get things where I want them, you'll be the first to see it!

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