Saturday, January 1, 2011

The List

As I just mentioned in the last post, I'm making a list of projects I want to tackle. I figured, why not share the list with you! Maybe you can help me stick to it. So here it is room by room. You would have thought that I just moved in!

Master Bedroom:

  • Buy drapery hardware and hang window treatments
  • Touch up dresser and add knobs
  • Buy lamps
  • Take apart snow leopard fur pillows and make it into a throw for the end of the bed
  • Buy/make wall art

Master Bath:

  • Paint
  • Add cabinet hardware
  • Buy/make wall art


  • Add cabinet hardware

Dining Room:

  • the moment

Living Room:

  • Add decorative shelves above sofa and accessorize
  • Find throw pillows

Guest Bedroom:

  • Make headboard
  • Accessorize nightstands
  • Hang window treatments
  • Raise bed (nightstands are a little tall but I love them....sacrifices, people, sacrifices)
  • Find white piece of furniture (or something I can paint white) to put TV on.
  • Make/buy wall art

Guest Bathroom:

Craft Room:

  • EVERYTHING! I can't even walk in there right now. It's an unorganized mess that makes my head hurt.


  • Print pictures/art, frame and hang.
  • Find buffet on Craigslist or have daddy build me one :)

Well, there you have it. Six months from now, I'll check back in with you so you can see which of these things have been crossed off the list. Let's hope for a productive 2011!

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  1. This is a very smart idea. Best of luck in moving foward...I know you can do it and make it look absolutely fabulous in meantime.