Thursday, August 4, 2011

High Hopes

If you're wondering if this post is about Snoop Dogg, based on the title, it's not. It's about my list of things I would like to tackle while I'm taking a much needed week off from work next week. My house is driving me (in the words of Rachel Zoe) BA-NA-NAS! First off, I have to clean it, then I'm gonna get down and dirty and cross a couple of things off my list.

Here is my (hopeful) list for next week:
  • Give it a good cleanin'
  • Remove the old caulk around the tub and re-caulk. This is something that would normally be on my Daddy-Do list but I'm gonna give it a whirl. I told my dad that after this manly project, I just may ask for a tool belt for Christmas this year.
  • Go through my clothes and shoes and donate the ones that have been neglected for at least a year to Goodwill.
  • Go through the stuff in the garage (it's only a few boxes) and donate what I don't need.
  • Sew a runner for my vanity
  • Paint my bathroom
  • Spray paint the frame I just bought and hang it in the bathroom
  • Paint the back door
  • Make a small dent of progress in my junk room (soon to be craft room). I've given up calling it my craft room because it's not. It's far from it until I can get some organization going on in there.
For once, I'm actually hoping we have crappy weather next week so I won't be tempted to neglect these projects to catch some rays on this getting-more-pale-by-the-day body. I have to stay away from as many distractions as possible because I'm planning on heading to Paintsville on Wednesday or Thursday because my little baby cousin is scheduled to make her debut into this world and I couldn't be more excited! She has two beautiful older brothers and I can only imagine how beautiful little Sophia will be!

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