Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation wrap-up

If you'll remember, I took time off the week before last to catch up on some projects around the house. Well, as I figured, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but then again, I knew it would be a loooooooong shot that I would get even half of 'em crossed off my list. To refresh your memory, here was my list and the progress that was made:
  • Give it a good cleanin'
  • Remove the old caulk around the tub and re-caulk. Click here to see results and to get a good laugh. This is something that would normally be on my Daddy-Do list but I'm gonna give it a whirl. I told my dad that after this manly project, I just may ask for a tool belt for Christmas this year.
  • Go through my clothes and shoes and donate the ones that have been neglected for at least a year to Goodwill.
  • Go through the stuff in the garage (it's only a few boxes) and donate what I don't need.
  • Sew a runner for my vanity
  • Paint my bathroom. Click here to check it out.
  • Spray paint the frame I just bought and hang it in the bathroom
  • Paint the back door
  • Make a small dent of progress in my junk room (soon to be craft room). I've given up calling it my craft room because it's not. It's far from it until I can get some organization going on in there.
3 out 9 ain't too bad, or is it? I don't think so considering painting my bathroom was an all day project and I left town on Wednesday to see my newborn baby cousin since she made her debut earlier than expected. I also found out on Tuesday that one of my cousins from L.A. was in town and we had not seen each other in about 7 years. So I think I did pretty good with my list considering all that.

BUT, hold on just a minute! I did something else that wasn't on my list. Do your remember when I made my headboard?

Well, several months ago my friend Tonya asked me if I would help her fix up her daughter's room. One thing she wanted was a new headboard. She likes more straight, clean lines so this one was easy peasy! I whipped up a headboard for her in about 30 minutes but I also repainted the letters above her bed. They were in pastel colors but I thought they needed an extra punch of color so I repainted them.

After I made Saylor's headboard, her little brother wanted one too. I told Tonya I would come over while I was off of work and make one for him. He's so darn cute and I couldn't tell him no! We had a harder time finding fabric we liked, so I decided to take the colors from his comforter and sew them together in 4 blocks. Tonya is really into all things modern so I thought it would be a cool idea to duplicate one of the colors instead of using 4 different colors. This one took a little bit more time because I had to make sure the center point ended up in the exact center of the headboard. In the end, I think it turned out pretty cute.

I think they like it :)

So there ya have it! My (somewhat) productive vacation. Maybe the next vacation I go on, I'll be blogging about being on the beach while sipping margaritas instead of blogging about headboards, paint, and caulk.

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