Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tippy Tuesday

While I'm at work, Tippy stays in her cage, but sometimes I let her stay out in the afternoon after I come home from lunch. Usually she stays in her cage anyway because she thinks that's where she's supposed to be when I'm not home. Or there's a good chance that she runs rampant and gets in her cage right before I get home so I THINK she's been good while I've been at work.

So last week, I let her stay out one afternoon where she could go in and out her doggy door as she pleased.....Don't worry, I have a fenced in backyard. Well when I got home from work, I heard her barking outside in the back yard. I walked up to the door where she saw me and the look on her face said, "Ruh-Roh, I'm busted! I didn't get in my cage before she got home." Then I noticed her sombrero laying in the middle of the floor. I have not seen her sombrero in months and didn't even know where I stashed it.

I turned around and noticed that the guest bedroom door was open. I walked in and noticed that the closet was open where I hang all of her clothes and apparently she decided to play dress up! That's her pink wig laying in the floor too.

Well, I hope you had fun Tippy!

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