Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving on to the Master Bathroom...

My first day off of work was a success! About 8 months ago when I painted my bedroom, I bought enough paint to paint my bathroom in the same color. So yes, it might have taken me 8 months, but at least I got it done. Do you remember my motto??? Better late than never!

I absolutely love my shower curtain, which I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond when I first moved in about 15 months ago. However I did NOT love it with the walls which I like to call "Builder Blah". It definitely needed some personality, much like my bedroom did.

So here is the before...

And after...

And the sink area before...

And after...

Here's a little detail of my shower curtain. Hello sequins!

Doesn't it look so much better butted up to the bold color? Well, I think so!

When I paint a room, I always tape off the trim, baseboards, etc. (with Frog Tape, of course!) because I tend to get in a hurry and just slap the paint on. However, I never tape off the ceiling. Call me gutsy but I just free hand it. Talk about livin' on the edge!....Literally. I gotta admit, paint ends up on the ceiling and I have several "OH $&#%!" moments. Well, thanks to my fave DIY blog, Young House Love, Sherry mentioned her favorite brush for cutting in around trim was the Premium XL for Tight Spots with a 2" angle and short handle found at Sherwin Williams. Since I use YHL as my DIY Bible, I trotted my behind to my local Sherwin Williams and bought it. Let me just tell you that I love this brush!

It's far from perfect but my lines were so much straighter! My daddy would be so proud :)

In case you're wondering, I'm not exactly done with the walls. I really want to do a stenciling treatment. I was inspired by this pic that I found on Pinterest. This is actually wallpaper but I love love love a dramatic wall treatment in small spaces and since stenciling is the new (and cheaper) wallpaper, I think I may try it out.

If you're expecting my stenciling project to be done in the next few weeks, then HA! Joke's on you!! I'll be lucky to get it done in the next few months! I've been looking at some stencils from Royal Design Studio but there's so much to choose from!

I still have a few other things I need to get done besides the stenciling. Because I love making lists, here's what's left to do:
  • Find storage for my toiletries Click here to check it out.
  • Buy/make art for above the toilet and above the towel rack
  • Make a window treatment
  • Add cabinet hardware
  • I have an idea to add some detail to the mirror but I'm not sure if it's gonna work or not.
  • Buy a hand towel. I can't believe I've lived here this long and never bought a hand towel!
So there you have it! What do you all think of the color? Have you seen any cool stencils that you think would look great on this color? If so, let me know!

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